The 2020 edition of the Colby Pullers Club's "Pulling for Youth Hunger & Health" has been cancelled!

After many weeks of calls, meetings and conversations, the Colby Pullers Club will be cancelling the Pulling for Youth Hunger and Health event for 2020. The unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the marketing ability and community involvement in events across the country. The Colby Pullers Club, did not feel it was right to put businesses, fans, pullers, and organizations under the pressures of sponsoring, participating and working at an event  with so many unknowns and changes happening during this economic and health crisis.

We cannot say “thank you” enough to the people who have reached out in support and have been a part of many conversations in making this decision. To our sponsors, we thank you for everything you do for us in supporting our event. We strive to provide a fun, safe, clean and, competitive event for all to attend. We are looking forward to August 20-21, 2021 to get back to some great NTPA pulling and helping our youth and families of Central Wisconsin. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on pulling!!

Thank you.

Colby Pullers Club